Martí i Franquès Call 2021

List of available projects in Sciences

Reference Area Supervisor R+D+I Project Edition
2021MFP-COFUND-04SciencesTORRES FUENTES, CRISTINA  Interaction between protein hydrolysates and gut microbiota: prebiotic potential and promotion of postbiotics production with antihypertensive effectsMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-19SciencesO`SULLIVAN -, CIARA KATHLEEN  Rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibiotic resistanceMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-22SciencesZAMORA MARÍN, FERNANDO  Effect of laccases on the sensoriality, quality, and healthiness of wines. Characterization of the products resulting from the activity of laccases on polyphenols and other compoundsMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-23SciencesMATEOS FERRÉ, XAVIER  Efficient H2 production in microfluidic platforms and sensing based on optical fibersMSCA-COFUND
2021PMF-BS-08SciencesFERRANDO PIERA, FRANCESC  Characterisation of dual processing materials in 3D printingBanco Santander
2021PMF-BS-12SciencesBUSTO BUSTO, OLGA  Food SensometricsBanco Santander
2021PMF-BS-13SciencesGALIÀ CLUA, MARINA TERESA  SuspolBanco Santander
2021PMF-PIPF-01SciencesFERRÉ BALDRICH, JOAN  Chemommetric models for the spectroscopic determination of diesel propertiesStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-03SciencesREGUANT MIRANDA, CRISTINA  Effect of yeast metabolites on malolactic fermentationStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-05SciencesROZÈS , NICOLAS ANDRE LOUIS  Nutritional aspects of alcoholic fermentation in the performance of malolactic fermentation (Project: PGC2018-101852-B-I00)Standard
2021PMF-PIPF-07SciencesGIRALT MARCÉ, JAUME  Emulsion-based microencapsulation with novel food-grade ingredients from insects using dynamic membranes of tunable pore size (EatingInsects)Standard
2021PMF-PIPF-11SciencesBORRULL BALLARÍN, FRANCESC  Chromatographic Techniques Applied to Environmental AnalysisStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-12SciencesCARBÓ MARTIN, JORGE JUAN  Computational chemistry applied to nanostructures and materials for catalysis and sustainable processesStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-14SciencesMATEOS FERRÉ, XAVIER  Photonic sensor for smart roads. The road of the futureStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-15SciencesPUGA VACA, ALBERTO  Membranes with amine-free ionic liquid additives for efficient CO2 separation and conversionStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-21SciencesBOQUÉ MARTÍ, RICARD  Arrays of thick-film organic electrochemical transistors for the detection of biomarkers of interestStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-23SciencesMACKIE WALKER, ALLAN DONALD  Mesoscopic dynamics of self-assembling structuresStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-24SciencesGIAMBERINI , MARTA  Encapsulation of active compoundsStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-25SciencesBRUNET INDIA, MANUELA CATALINA  From climate data to climate services. Integrated approach.Standard
2021PMF-PIPF-31SciencesPOBLET RIUS, JOSEP MARIA  Electronic structure calculations based on non-orthogonal many-electron basis functions for energy and electron transfer reactionsStandard