Martí i Franquès Call 2021

List of available projects in Engineering and Architecture

Reference Area Supervisor R+D+I Project Edition
2021MFP-COFUND-01Engineering and ArchitectureJIMÉNEZ ESTELLER, LAUREANO  Techno-economic and environmental assessments of existing and emerging processes and technologiesMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-02Engineering and ArchitectureBONET AVALOS, JOSÉ  Particulate models for dynamics of colloidal suspensionsMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-03Engineering and ArchitectureCONTRERAS IGLESIAS, SANDRA  Evaluation Of Treatments for the Removal of Microplastics In Urban Wastewater Treatment PlantsMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-05Engineering and ArchitectureROMERO NEVADO, ALFONSO JOSÉ  Development of wearable electronic devices, on low-cost flexible supports, using additive fabrication techniques.MSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-06Engineering and ArchitectureLLOBET VALERO, EDUARD  High Frequency FETs for gas sensingMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-07Engineering and ArchitectureMARCÉ NOGUÉ, JORDI  Modelling of computational biomechanics in evolutionMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-08Engineering and ArchitectureBONET AVALOS, JOSÉ  Particulate models for fluid mesoscopic simulationsMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-12Engineering and ArchitectureMACKIE WALKER, ALLAN DONALD  Multiscale simulation of self-assembling compartmentalized nanosystems for drug deliveryMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-13Engineering and ArchitecturePUIG VALLS, DOMÈNEC SAVI  Design and implementation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in Southern CataloniaMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-14Engineering and ArchitectureVALLÈS RASQUERA, JOAN MANEL  Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundaries: Insights from mathematical programming and life-cycle assessmentMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-16Engineering and ArchitectureCORONAS SALCEDO, ALBERTO  Green Hydrogen Storage using Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) in Polygeneration systems serving Smart Energy GridsMSCA-COFUND
2021MFP-COFUND-17Engineering and ArchitectureDOMINGO FERRER, JOSEP  Synergies between machine learning and privacyMSCA-COFUND
2021PMF-BS-03Engineering and ArchitecturePALLARES MARZAL, JOSEP  Nanostructures and Organic Materials for Biotechnology and EnergyBanco Santander
2021PMF-BS-04Engineering and ArchitectureARENAS MORENO, ALEJANDRO  Development of data science web apps for epidemiology (R0)Banco Santander
2021PMF-BS-05Engineering and ArchitectureMONTEJANO CANTORAL, LUIS PEDRO  Lines of research: Matroid theory, graph theory and discrete geometryBanco Santander
2021PMF-BS-06Engineering and ArchitectureMARTÍNEZ BALLESTÉ, ANTONI  Artificial intelligence, robotics and vision; IoT and context-awareness for Early Mobilisation practice.Banco Santander
2021PMF-BS-07Engineering and ArchitectureSANCHEZ ARTIGAS, MARC  Project: DCONE (REF.: PID2019‐106774RB‐C22)Banco Santander
2021PMF-PIPF-13Engineering and ArchitectureFREDIANI SARFATI, ARTURO  Study of collective housing in the urban, peri-urban and rural contextStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-17Engineering and ArchitectureGARCÍA LÓPEZ, PEDRO ANTONIO  Evaluating the feasibility of distributed access transparencyStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-22Engineering and ArchitectureFONT CAPAFONS, JOSÉ  New membrane reactor configurations for wastewater treatmentStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-27Engineering and ArchitectureFERNÁNDEZ SABATER, ALBERTO  Learning Edit Costs in Non-Linear Graph Edit DistanceStandard
2021PMF-PIPF-32Engineering and ArchitectureGIRAL CASTILLON, ROBERTO  Ultrafast Modular Battery Charger for electric-vehicle batteries.Standard