Martí i Franquès Call 2022

List of available projects in Sciences

Reference Area Supervisor R+D+I Project Edition
2022PMF-INV-04SciencesKHEZRI , BAHAREH  Hybrid Materials for Sustainable EnergyStandard
2022PMF-INV-12SciencesLÓPEZ FERNÁNDEZ, JAVIER  Redox and photocatalytic properties of isolated and surface deposited polyoxometalatesStandard
2022PMF-INV-13SciencesREGUERO DE LA POZA, MARIA DEL MAR  Computational Study of Photochemical Catalysis: From Mechanistic Elucidation, to Understanding and DesignStandard
2022PMF-INV-15SciencesZAMORA MARÍN, FERNANDO  Biotechnological strategies to reduce the doses of sulfur dioxide in white winemaking and avoid problems of browningStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-04SciencesTRUJILLO RASUA, ROLANDO  Security and Privacy of Traceability SystemsStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-05SciencesARDÈVOL GRAU, ANNA  Modulation of taste receptors with natural food components for a healthy agingStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-16SciencesBORRULL BALLARÍN, FRANCESC  Line of research in applied chromatographic techniquesStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-17SciencesBOUTUREIRA MARTÍN, OMAR  Design and synthesis of polyfluoroalkyl glycopeptides and proteins for cancer diagnosis and treatment (PID2020-120584RB-I00)Standard