Martí i Franquès Call 2022

List of available projects in Engineering and Architecture

Reference Area Supervisor R+D+I Project Edition
2022PMF-BS-02Engineering and ArchitectureSÁNCHEZ RUENES, DAVID  Security and privacy in computer systemsBanco Santander
2022PMF-INV-08Engineering and ArchitectureMARSAL GARVÍ, LUIS FRANCISCO  Lab-on-a-chip for label free multiplexing of biomarkersStandard
2022PMF-INV-09Engineering and ArchitectureBENGOA , CHRISTOPHE JOSÉ  Use of biobased ionic liquids for the production of energy carriers and bioblocks from Parachlorella kessleriStandard
2022PMF-INV-10Engineering and ArchitectureGUIMERA MANRIQUE, ROGER  Deep generative models for graphs and molecular structuresStandard
2022PMF-INV-11Engineering and ArchitectureSTÜBER , FRANK ERICH  New membrane reactor configurations for wastewater treatmentStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-01Engineering and ArchitectureRUIZ MARTÍ, JOSÉ JAVIER  The impact of Marangoni convection in space phase change materials with nanoparticlesStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-07Engineering and ArchitectureMARTÍNEZ SALAMERO, LUIS  PID2019-111443RB-I00 Nonlinear control of dc-dc switching convertersStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-08Engineering and ArchitectureMASIP VERNIS, LLUIS  Electrochemical detection of DNA with DNA binding proteinsStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-09Engineering and ArchitectureGARCÍA LÓPEZ, PEDRO ANTONIO  Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing and Big DataStandard