Martí i Franquès Call 2022

List of available projects in Legal and Social Sciences

Reference Area Supervisor R+D+I Project Edition
2022PMF-BS-01Legal and Social SciencesPIGRAU SOLÉ, ANTONIO  Green Criminology Banco Santander
2022PMF-PIPF-03Legal and Social SciencesCAPRIOTTI PERI, VICENTE-PAUL  La comunicación de los CEO: un análisis comparativo de las compañías globales y latinoamericanasStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-11Legal and Social SciencesFERNÁNDEZ BARIVIERA, AURELIO  Stochastic processes, quantitative methods applied to finance, blochainStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-12Legal and Social SciencesTERCEÑO GÓMEZ, ANTONIO  Determination of the mostinfluential sectors in the BioeconomyStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-13Legal and Social SciencesRYAN , GERARD ANTHONY  Consumer behaviourStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-14Legal and Social SciencesLI , XIAONI  The sustainability policy and its relation withfinancial performance and other performance indicators of companiesStandard
2022PMF-PIPF-15Legal and Social SciencesGISBERT CERVERA, MARIA MERCEDES  Mind the Gap. A Snapshot of digital skills gender differences in SpainStandard