Martí-Franquès COFUND Fellowship Programme


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Engineering and Architecture

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Carme Olivé

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Gerard Fortuny

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Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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PhD programme:

Computer Science and Mathematics of Security

Title of the research project:

Contribution to the improvement for a prosthetic model simulation with FE for location of cancer injuries

Description of the research project:

The 3D Finite Element (FE) models are used to study the behaviour of the human body in several applications. This study is focused on predicting the location of prostatic lesions. Prostate cancer is the second or third cause of death among men in industrialized countries. In clinical practice, lesions in the prostate can be detected with relative ease through CT scan; these lesions must be biopsied to determine their typology. A real problem of clinical practice is to be able to biopsy the lesion observed previously. The problem is to correctly locate the lesion previously observed by CT scan during a guided ultrasound to be able to biopsy the lesion. Currently, the location of these lesions is performed with unpatched software from the image treatment (with a low level of accuracy) or this location depends on the expertise of the specialist who performs the biopsy. The results of this study will allow improving the correction in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, to study the feasibility of biopsy techniques that allow to improve the number of biopsaied patients and to propose clinical practice improvements in the biopsy process.

In this work an existing model of the region meshed by means of tetrahedral will be taken and the properties of the materials of the region will be determined according to the existing bibliography. The constituent equations of the materials, the Piola Kirchoff tensor and its elastic tensor to perform the simulations will be determined.

• The evaluation and improvement of the mechanical formulation and implementation of the soft tissue model currently implemented in the Code Aster FE code.
• The evaluation and estimation of deformation and displacement distribution patterns related to the practice of guided ultrasound as well as the patient`s position.
• Propose models of suitable materials to determine the correct positions of the simulated objects using mfront code.
• Validation of dynamic in-vivo displacement validation data to help better validate the above predicted positions.

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26443.80 €


Full time

Working hours:

37.5 hours a week

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European union This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 713679