Martí-Franquès COFUND Fellowship Programme

Reference Area Supervisor name and surname R+D+I project
Reference Area Supervisor name and surname R+D+I project
2018MFP-COFUND-1Engineering and Architecture Marta Giamberini Proton Transport membranes based on novel polymeric columnar materials
2018MFP-COFUND-2Engineering and Architecture Ioanis Katakis Microalgae-Based Direct Photovoltaic Biofuel Cells for the Integrated Biorefinery
2018MFP-COFUND-3 Fernando Campa Planas Financial performance of airline industry: How big is the difference between accounting and market value?
2018MFP-COFUND-4Engineering and Architecture Jesus Brezmes Llecha Data processing and analysis for metabolomic studies
2018MFP-COFUND-5Engineering and Architecture Alex Fragoso Towards extraction and purification protocols for marine toxins based on cyclodextrin-derived nanomaterials
2018MFP-COFUND-6Engineering and Architecture Laureano Jiménez Esteller Life-cycle assessment of agricultural engineering: Indicators for environmental quantification of nutrient flows and eutrophication impact assessment
2018MFP-COFUND-7Engineering and Architecture Eduard Llobet 2D nanomaterials for gas sensing and energy
2018MFP-COFUND-8Engineering and Architecture Alex Arenas Innovation and diffusion of ideas in multilayer networks
2018MFP-COFUND-9Engineering and Architecture Jordi Grifoll Electrostatic fields based printing of nano- and bio-structures
2018MFP-COFUND-10Engineering and Architecture Domenec Puig Valls Automatic difficulty level generator for physical rehabilitation exercises by entertainment
2018MFP-COFUND-11 Misericòrdia Carles Lavila Elicitation of Preference and Shared Decision Making in Screening Programs
2018MFP-COFUND-12 Maria Victoria Sánchez Rebull The performance in the Spanish hospitality industry: The impact of the online ratings and opinions of customers
2018MFP-COFUND-13Health Sciences Gerard Pujadas Integration of omic data for personalized nutrition
2018MFP-COFUND-14Engineering and Architecture Lluis Marsal Study and development of polymer solar cells
2018MFP-COFUND-15 Rosalía Cascón Pereira Healthcare management in the Spanish context: The impact of governing bodies on effectiveness and performance indicators
2018MFP-COFUND-16Engineering and Architecture Carme Olivé Contribution to the improvement for a prosthetic model simulation with FE for location of cancer injuries
2018MFP-COFUND-17Engineering and Architecture Josep Ferré i Borrull Bio-inspired nanochannel platforms
2018MFP-COFUND-18Engineering and Architecture Luca Guerrini Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) profiling of RNA from tumor educated platelets
2018MFP-COFUND-19Arts and Humanities Mercè Gisbert Cervera An inclusive school for a digital society
2018MFP-COFUND-20Sciences Montserrat Diéguez Experimentally and computationally guided design of efficient water oxidation catalysts
2018MFP-COFUND-21Sciences Josep Maria Poblet In Silico Design of Efficient Photocatalysts
2018MFP-COFUND-22Sciences Xavier Mateos Ferre New opto-microfluidics biosensor for mycotoxins detection in food. Design and development.
2018MFP-COFUND-23Health Sciences Jordi Salas-Salvadó Mediterranean Diet and Dementia and Cognition
2018MFP-COFUND-24Health Sciences Rosa Solà Alberich Healthy meals (PECT: TurisTIC en família)
2018MFP-COFUND-25 Amado Alarcón Alarcón Linguistic Competences in Digital Era: Improvements in Productivity and Labour Employability
2018MFP-COFUND-26 Gerard Ryan Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Waiting Behaviour
2018MFP-COFUND-27Engineering and Architecture Alex Arenas Epidemics and vaccination dilemma in complex networks
2018MFP-COFUND-28Engineering and Architecture Henrik Gulyás Conversion of plastic waste into fuel and added-value chemicals
2018MFP-COFUND-29Engineering and Architecture Ciara O` Sullivan Molecular tools for the rapid and cost-effective detection of mycotoxins
2018MFP-COFUND-30Engineering and Architecture Domenec Puig Valls Autonomous vision-based system for assistive robots in a domestic environment
2018MFP-COFUND-31Engineering and Architecture Josep Font Capafons Carbon-based catalytic membrane reactors for the treatment of emerging and recalcitrant water contaminants through Fenton-like processes
2018MFP-COFUND-32Engineering and Architecture Rosa Maria Sole Cartañá Environmental sensing in smart cities. An integrated photonic device applied to NO2 gas traces.
2018MFP-COFUND-33Engineering and Architecture Christophe Bengoa Recovery and re-use of urban solid organic waste with WWTP effluent
2018MFP-COFUND-34Engineering and Architecture Allan Mackie Modelling and simulation of nano/microgels for the transport and controlled release of drugs and other substances
2018MFP-COFUND-35Engineering and Architecture Marta Schuhmacher Ansuategui Integration of techniques to evaluate the human risk to long term at low level exposure to mixtures (Long-Low-Mixtures)
2018MFP-COFUND-36Engineering and Architecture Ioanis Katakis Development of Low Cost Molecular Diagnostics Device
2018MFP-COFUND-37Engineering and Architecture Sílvia de Lamo Castellví New methodology to produce starters with nutritional applications
2018MFP-COFUND-38Engineering and Architecture Laureano Jiménez Esteller Optimal design and optimization of sustainable chemical processes
2018MFP-COFUND-39Engineering and Architecture Tània Gumí Determining interpersonal differences concerning preferences and performance in teaching methodologies in enginnering
2018MFP-COFUND-40Health Sciences Mònica Bulló Effect of a mediterranean diet on changes in gut microbiota and epigenetic tags.
2018MFP-COFUND-41Health Sciences Maria Teresa Blay i Olivé Preventive long-lasting effects of food bioactives on gastrointestinal tract under metabolic homeostatic challenges: obesogenic diet and aging.
2018MFP-COFUND-42Health Sciences Jordi Salas Salvadó Effect of weight loss with a hipocaloric mediterranean diet and physical activity promotion in the prevention of chronic kidney disease: sub-study of Predimed-Plus
2018MFP-COFUND-43Engineering and Architecture Domenec Puig Valls Intelligent Food Ingredients Quality Control System
2018MFP-COFUND-44Engineering and Architecture Carme Güell Saperas Microfluidics for food applications: design of dispersion-based edible delivery s systems
2018MFP-COFUND-45Engineering and Architecture Montserrat Ferrando Cogollos New strategies to encapsulate probiotics in dispersion-based systems
2018MFP-COFUND-46Engineering and Architecture Sílvia de Lamo Castellví Rearing mealworms for human consumption using agricultural biowaste
2018MFP-COFUND-47Health Sciences Maria Cinta Bladé Segarra Interaction of biological rhythms with the effectiveness of bioactive compounds
2018MFP-COFUND-48Arts and Humanities Pau Sola-Morales Expecting landscapes: The case of Camp de Tarragona
2018MFP-COFUND-49Engineering and Architecture Manel Vallès Rasquera Modeling and optimization: Energy efficiency and Thermal energy storage
2018MFP-COFUND-50Sciences Xavier Mateos Ferre Detection and quantification of toxins in food by a new opto-microfluidics biosensor. Design and development.
2018MFP-COFUND-51Arts and Humanities Blanca Deusdad Ayala Co-creation of public services: drivers, mechanisms of citizens engagement and social inclusion
2018MFP-COFUND-52Health Sciences Maria Teresa Blay Olivé Preventive long-lasting effects of food bioactives on gastrointestinal tract under metabolic homeostatic challenges: aging.
European union This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 713679